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Rebuilding our urban forests with the My Tree app

By Ishara Yahampath, Communition, Edution & Outreach editor Tree planting is an essential nature-based action for mitigating the effects of […]

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Emotions matter: How to level up your fight against misinformation with compassion

Jennifer Ma is a scientist-turned-artist and science communitor with a PhD in stem cell bioengineering. Her latest project, Gentle Facts, strives to create social change through Compassionate Science Communition. Drawing from evidence-based best practices in science and interpersonal communition, she teaches the public how to effectively advote for informed decisions and actions. Follow Jen on...

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The last Ada Lovelace Day?

[downloaded from] I love this image. Unfortunately, it heralds what seems to be the last Ada Lovelace Day (ALD) according to the Women’s Tech Hub ~ Bristol, Posted on 9th October 2022 by serrieHappy Ada Lovelace Day – sadly the last! This year, Ada Lovelace Day was celebrated on October 11, 2022 as Sue...

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Are we spending money on the right research? Government of nada launches Advisory Panel

it’s a little surprising that this is not being managed by the Council of nadian Ademies (C) but perhaps their process is not quite nimble enough (from an October 6, 2022 Innovation, Science and Economic Development nada news release), Government of nada launches Advisory Panel on the Federal Research Support SystemMembers to recommend enhancements to...

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Are scent work classes the new form of enrichment for your dog?

Training your dog to search for a scent isn't as hard as you might think—and it's great enrichment for your dog.Photo: Barb Elkin/ShutterstockGuest post by Izzy Swanston, Sienna Taylor, and Ben BrilotThis page contains affiliate links which means I may earn a commission on qualifying purchases at no cost to you.Get Companion Animal Psychology in...

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